Our History


Patrick Ihu, our founder, buys his first home a small condominium in Wailuku. Later selling that first unit making a considerable amount of profit sparking a passion for Investing in Real Estate.


Mr. Ihu decides to obtain his Real estate License attending the John F. Stapleton School of Real Estate. Graduating top of his class and easily passes the State Exam.


After Several years of Successful Real Estate Transactions and Investments Mr. Ihu attends the Hawaii Academy of Real Estate to study for his Broker’s License. Once again one of the top students in the class and passes the State Exam to acquire the Broker designation.


Patrick Ihu officially starts Ihu Properties LLC, opening an office in Kahului and later moving to their current location in Wailuku.


The present day – Mr. Ihu is still out there selling houses and making dreams come true and actively working on several Real Estate Projects. Helping both First Time Home Buyers and Seasoned Investors.