Our History

Chronicle of Excellence:

Our founder, Patrick Ihu, embarked on his real estate odyssey in 1996, evolving from a passionate real estate investor to a licensed professional in 1999, honing his skills at the John F Stapleton School Of Real Estate. In 2006, he sought further mastery, enrolling in the Hawaii Academy Of Real Estate to secure his broker’s license.

The dawn of 2009 marked a pivotal chapter as Patrick Ihu formally established Ihu Properties LLC, initially in Kahului and later relocating to Wailuku, where it thrives today. Fast forward to 2023, Mr. Ihu remains at the forefront of real estate, facilitating home sales, spearheading a mentorship program, investing strategically, and actively contributing to diverse development projects. Mr. Ihu has also sat on several boards and commissions throughout his career.

His unwavering commitment extends to both first-time homebuyers and seasoned investors, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of real estate.